Guess what happens Friday.

That’s right, you guys.

This Friday (aka “tomorrow”) the fully inked, fully colored, fully AWESOME version of “Ghost Hunting Teens” goes live on Bikini Bomb!

Y’all better get on that.

Also, I’m starting to prep for OktoberFluke! It’s going to be my first visit to a convention where I actually have a table of my own with stuff to sell. I’ll have more info on that, and a specific merchandise list, sometime within the next few weeks. For those of you who can’t get to the Athens Popfest, I’ll be putting everything I have for sale there up on Etsy so you can order it online, too.

Along with that, look for a few giveaways in the coming weeks. More info on the first giveaway later this weekend!

I’m pretty excited about this, guys.


A preview of coming attractions.

Hey all, just wanted to make a list of stuff to look for from me over the next few weeks!

x Personal commission – tattoo design.
x Personal commission – custom Twitter background.
x Classwork – paper sculpture of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot.
x Classwork – various mini-posts about random topics.
x Classwork – environment and prop design sketches.