Ghost Hunting Teens!

Okay friends.

I know it’s been awhile since I posted, and I’m sorry for that. Unfortunately time tends to get away from me when I’m in classes.

Today I have come prepared, though! I have, for your viewing pleasure, pencils of the first two pages of a six page short tentatively titled “Ghost Hunting Teens” for the time being that I’m doing for my final in my Environments class. It’s a story about teens who hunt ghosts, in case you couldn’t tell. Set in the courtyard and slave quarters of the historic Sorrel-Weed house here in Savannah, although I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve taken certain liberties with the location in question to make it fit my purposes. Hopefully you can still tell what everything is supposed to be.

Kind of.


As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on everything! And for those of you who are interested, the full inked and colored version of the comic will be up by Saturday over at Bikini Bomb, my online compendium of sequential shorts.






Malfoy is our king.

Or something like that. I’m just doing a little bit of painting practice, to see if I can get any neat mark-making effects. I kind of like what I’m doing here although the technique could use a little refining.

Anyway, comments and criticism are accepted and encouraged, as always.


For those of you who are wondering what my pencils look like at this point in time, here’s a little peak! This is about half of the sketch work and under drawing for a project I’m doing in Environments right now. The assignment was to have two characters fighting through a greenhouse.

So, naturally, I chose to draw Mal and Ariadne from Inception wrestling in and underwater greenhouse full of aquatic plants.

Party Fowl


Just a quick snapshot of a piece of my newest project! This is one of six that will be available for purchase once I get snazzy scans of everything. Prices and images of the others will be posted later this weekend.

Come at me, Brokemon.

Just messing around with a few techniques. Drew myself as a Pokemon trainer, like y’do.

Enjoy! Let met know if you like it, hate it, think it’d look better green, whatev.


Princess Blue

This is a warm-up I did this morning just to get back into the groove of drawing. If you don’t know me, I’m a big fan of princesses kicking butt. It’s my inner feminist manifesting in the form of radically ruthless royal babes.

I actually kind of like this piece. There’s a lot of mark-making going on that I’d like to refine, but I’m thinking of doing this as a series of princesses based around different colors and genres. This particular princess, Princess Blue, is based on the sort of “space adventure-meets-steam punk” genre, a la Firefly.

If you have any thoughts regarding either the series as a concept or this piece specifically I’d love to hear ’em!