Bucket List Comics: The Sword

So, my teacher has this thing called a “bucket list,” not to be confused with the list of stuff you want to do before you die. He calls it that because apparently this list was literally housed in a bucket for awhile.

Anyway, the point is that everyone is assigned a different random object, in my case swords, and has to research them and do a little mini-presentation in class on the history, how they work, different types, whatever, etc.

This is the introduction to my presentation. A small comic informing my classmates/viewers about the very, very basic history of the sword.

Very basic. I did research, but there are so many different kinds of swords with such rich and interesting histories that I was hard pressed to whittle the information down to fit into an acceptable time limit.

Anyway, enjoy the comic! (You may have to click on it and view it in another window to read it…)


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