Girls! (That’s all I really want is girls!)


Hey guys!

I know I’ve been relatively inactive lately, but I blame that on the fact that my laptop is pretty much on the outs and is generally unusable at this point in time combined with all of the SCAD buildings be closed. Although I frequently update this blog from my phone I didn’t feel like writing five different posts for five different sketches so I just thought I’d wait until I could scan everything and splice it together.

That being said, have some girls!

I’m not gonna lie, you guys, girls are like, my favorite thing to draw. Generally because they’re easier for me to draw than boys since I have myself as a model. /narcissism

I sneaked some Avatar: the Last Airbender fanart in at the bottom there, as is wont to happen when you watch the whole series from beginning to end over the course of two days.

And, because the Beastie Boys say it better than I ever could, here you go.





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