Just a quick preview of one of the backgrounds I’m doing for Senior Project.


Senior project character designs.


Ta-da! Two of the main characters from my senior project. It’s about underground robot fights. It’s pretty sweet.

The kid in the mask is Peter, the angry girl with the sweet ‘fro is Avery. They don’t care for one another but hang out anyway.

Tree-bot 2.0!


Working on some more prop/character design and streamlining the robot made of tree roots that I posted a picture of awhile back. Robots are some of the most fun things to draw, seriously.

More ladies!

So, I love to draw ladies. Especially punk-y ladies with stupid hair and tattoos and ridiculous piercings. You may remember the Red Punk from an earlier post where I discussed how much better I think she looks with tattoos.

And below is her friend, the Purple Punk! Complete with idiotically short belly-shirt that she probably made herself.

I dream of someday having a glorious portfolio website that will feature a different color-themed punk girl on each page, mostly because they’re one of my favorite things to draw and they always look at least interesting.


Punk rock princess(es).

Doing a series of Disney’s princesses decked out in various “punk rock” themed outfits and designs. This is Ariel, with all her glorious flat colors done. I might add some more ocean creature tattoos, but I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that yet. Otherwise, I think she’s pretty bangin’.

Minor adjustments.


She looks much, much better with the tattoos, methinks.

Punk rawk is so precious.


Today is apparently a day for drawing adorable rocker chicks. These are two that will maybe-probably be featured on my portfolio website – once I get that up and running with the help of my totally rad uncle!

Also, if you’re interested in more sexy rock’n’roll fun you should check this out. Even though there’s no graphic nudity it is probably not work safe. And, as such, it’s also not appropriate for younger viewers. So if you are one, steer clear!